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Running parallel versions of PHP – Part 2

The hard part is over, now for the easier stuff - for this part you'll need:CoffeePatienceNow we compile and install:[crayon-5c6dbe57d396f979415666/]Now if all goes well - the prefix you used in your configure (--prefix=/whatever)will have the following directories in it:[crayon-5c6dbe57d3976418575377/]The file we care about the most is located in the bin/...
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Running parallel versions of PHP – Part 1

With RC2 of the php5.3 release coming out, I wanted to run the new version alongside the stable version on our development server at M State. I wanted to be able to control this behavior via .htaccess files to control particular projects.What you'll need:Reasonable compiling experienceAbility to satisfy dependenciesUnderstanding and...
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