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VirtualBox Rocks! June 9, 2009

If you’re looking for a lightweight virtualization solution – for something simple like running Ubuntu from within Windows look no further.

VirtualBox has everything a growing boy/gal needs. I asked a co-worker if he knew of anything better than MS Virtual PC, but not as heavy as VMWare and he mentioned VirtualBox to me.

I quickly downloaded it and was suprised as to how lightweight and perfect of a solution it was.

Quick notes of awesome-ness (At least through my eyes from Vista host to my Ubuntu guest OS)

Mouse handling:
Once you install the virtualization drivers – you can seamlessly move your mouse from guest to host OS without having to hit any hotkeys or anything.

Fullscreen mode:
I’m currently typing from Firefox within Vista, and on my right screen I have Ubuntu fired up in fullscreen – we’re not talking crappy emulation either – i’ve got effects jammin and it’s just like working within full boot-mode.

Networking threw me for a quick loop through my own stupidity. You can easily configure multiple adapters of many types – NAT, Bridged, you name it.

Graphics support:
Still a little lacking but for non-gaming desktop purposes the power is there for sure. I only say this because I’ve had a little difficulty with fullscreen OpenGL -style screensavers – and that might be due to my lack of installed drivers. We’ll see. But at any rate, I’m running window effects on a 1920×1200 resolution screen without any lag or issues.

Screenshot: Simple print-screen grabs both- note fullscreen ubuntu =]

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