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OOP August 20, 2009

Since I can remember, I always thought there was an irrational gravitation towards OOP from people. “If you don’t do OO, you’re not a programmer” is an underlying sentiment in all circles of programmers.

Now, I firmly believe that OO design is definitely a great way to organize, process and a conceptualization tool for programmers to use for managing their code.

However, I’ll add that too many people jump into OOP because they want admission into an ‘elitist’ realm. (Admittedly, programmers like to covet their engineering)

Here’s an interesting sentiment from the almighty MIT that you might find interesting:

Especially a quotation from Paul Graham:

  • Paul Graham, a successful web entrepreneur and programming author, has suggested that the purpose of OOP is to act as a herding mechanism which keeps mediocre programmers in mediocre organizations from “doing too much damage”. This is at the expense of slowing down productive programmers who know how to use more powerful and more compact techniques. [1]

I think all to often the confines of an OO design slow down programmers attempting to encapsulate everything around an abundantly engineered solution for simple processes.

But the biggest issue with OO, is how easy it is to paint yourself into a corner and slow everything down.

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