Programming through inductive reasoning

I’ll never forget my Geometry class in high school, not just because it was fun, but the teacher was kind of an oddball (in a good kind of way). I learned so much from this class it was unbelievable, it was a life changing experience because it taught the true powers of using inductive reasoning (in geometry, things like the sums of the angles of a triangle are always 180 degrees, etc)

Kevin Mitnick demonstrated this power in the 90’s – Organization and inductive reasoning work hand in hand. If you know that something is completely organized around a concept you can safely assume a lot about it without truly knowing.

With that said, my previous post about table organization should already (hopefully) make more sense.

You can safely assume that because a table starts with ‘category’, it contains a p_id, id and title, etc. All of this is nice and consistent, other programmers will know what’s going on as well.

Admittedly I have plenty of stuff that doesn’t revolve around this concept – maybe someday I’ll re-organize.

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