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Programming through inductive reasoning August 5, 2009

I’ll never forget my Geometry class in high school, not just because it was fun, but the teacher was kind of an oddball (in a good kind of way). I learned so much from this class it was unbelievable, it was a life changing experience because it taught the true powers of using inductive reasoning (in geometry, things like the sums of the angles of a triangle are always 180 degrees, etc)

Kevin Mitnick demonstrated this power in the 90’s – Organization and inductive reasoning work hand in hand. If you know that something is completely organized around a concept you can safely assume a lot about it without truly knowing.

With that said, my previous post about table organization should already (hopefully) make more sense.

You can safely assume that because a table starts with ‘category’, it contains a p_id, id and title, etc. All of this is nice and consistent, other programmers will know what’s going on as well.

Admittedly I have plenty of stuff that doesn’t revolve around this concept – maybe someday I’ll re-organize.

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