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On coining terms, AKA: OCT March 12, 2010

Am I the only one who near refuses to accept the buzzphrases thrown around by marketers; I just found a new one today mentioned in a ZDNet article, called ‘APT‘ – ‘hip’ marketers drop these phrases to make it seem like they have some sort of new invention. Pisses me off.

Maybe it’s the fact, being in the industry, I feel compelled to know what all these damn acronyms mean. Granted, there are some that one should know; but is keeping on top of the non-ending twists of acronyms important to maintain stature in our industry. It is dizzying. You’d think the fact that engineers are sick of it all – they’d stop cropping up.

‘Spear phishing’, a mere form of phishing, really deserves a distinct title? Blegh.

I’m sick of feeling frustrated at myself for not knowing what these new terms are when they appear in articles.
Luckily it takes a mere second to remind myself that it’s the nature of the beast, but that little fire inside me never goes away.

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