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A real life look at crazy variable names July 23, 2010

Here’s a list of somewhat unique/funny variable names I’ve either created or worked with in the past year or so that have made me either stop and chuckle, or shake my fists in doom.

const ZOMBIE
A toggle switch to determine if a cleanup script I wrote should report but not perform the action. I quickly prototyped the argument by typing:  die(ZOMBIE);

Stands for ‘string Hit’ – a variable used for displaying a hit for a web-based game I worked on long ago

Not my own; it’s on the list because it truly is the longest real variable I’ve encountered in the wild. On the bright side, no explanation needed :)  – the best part is it’s an array – so eventually there would have been usage similar to: $aCredentialsRequiringArticulationAgreements[$nIndex] – adding to it’s loveliness.

Not my own; merely a non-descriptive name for an index number.

Not a variable, but a network name – symbolic for a googol: http://www.pcmech.com/article/the-mysterious-1e100-net/

Gosh I thought I had more off the top of my head – guess I’ll just keep adding to this post as time goes by.

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