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Cacti – DNS response time

When you google for a cacti template for DNS response time, there's not a whole lot out there, and what is; is pretty out dated or involves too much fidgetry.This post assumes you're comfortable with cacti - you should be able to at least initialize a graph and fill one...
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On top – Worthy of distribution

No really, this post is about top. I've always fancied myself well versed in top; every once and a while I need a reminder. Here's a pretty cool/well presented in-depth rundown on how powerful this utility really is for people in charge of inspecting system behavior.View in HD here!Some more...
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Staying on top of things

One of the things that's crucial to my workflow where I work; is to know as soon as possible when changes are made to our mainline repositories. Same with tickets in our Trac ticket system, when it hits the pipes - I need to know.I could setup a fancy hook...
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