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Apple updater today… March 10, 2011

I need music. I spend a lot of time holed up in an office with IM with my peers as my main form of human interaction.

For a long time, I’ve relied on iTunes. Things have changed – I dont want to purchase through iTunes anymore – I don’t want DRM’d music. I’ve converted everything I have to mp3’s and it’s staying that way.

The biggest beef I have with Apple – is every time they push an update, it removes icons from quicklaunch and I have to re-create. It’s a monster download, and they always push quicktime into the bundle.

Today was the last straw – I did the latest “update” from apple – after installing it brings the updater app back to show you that things were updated.

Something was amiss, and I wish I took a screenshot: ‘updater’ icon was malformed looking. The gradient was low quality and there were pink/red/orange colors – almost as if an old game engine was rendering opacity colors incorrectly.

Fast forward a few hours – I notice “Windows action center” has a notification for windows defender wanting to send samples of those icons to microsoft, under the tune of “need more information”.

By now my head has a big red flashing strobe on it – I need to check my PC at home to see if this has happened; but that’s two strikes of suspicion for me, enough to be the last straw of Apple and my already-low trust in them.

Time to find a new music player.

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Google profile images, FAIL- Worthy of distribution March 5, 2011

Most folks probably don’t know that google has updated the user profile pages look’n’feel. Including some changes to profile pictures… Most of us feel somewhat comfortable uploading an image and cropping it using the interface provided to us from sites (Granted,  you get what you ask for if you upload anything with a naughty factor) – but this is just plain stupidity, and it’s straight from our techlord google.

Basically the uploaded files that are “Cropped” are still easily visible on a google profile page, even when uploaded to a private album, and cropped to be made public. Fail.

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Browser wars: Feels old school March 3, 2011

Stepping back from your browser of choice; it just hit me how HTML5 has reignited the browser war, pushing innovation and making things feel old school again.

There’s nothing ‘old school’ about HTML5, or is there? Anyone remember the old dx filters in IE? rotate, flame text, etc – now it’s all about standards, but HTML will no longer have a ‘version’ number. To be frank, this scares me – I think it will end up harming innovation. Certain majority players see fit to implement what they want. Without a marketing slogan to drive for – I smell another recession of lame-duck browsers.

What IS old school is a familiar aura with each contender putting up an HTML5 demo page to show what it’s got (details start with this slashdot post.) to me this has a good, old-fashioned competitive feel that I think will decline like a hot rock once the initial “HTML5” support buzz has passed. I hope I’m wrong.

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Another rant on cutesy

Codenames for releases are ok.

But the countless cutesy names for *nix tools get tiring … (And don’t help their adoption). 

From an email from debian security list today:

“Several vulnerabilities have been found in the Iceape internet suite, an
unbranded version of Seamonkey:”

Imagine if these tools were used in a corporate environment “I removed Iceape and just went with Seamonkey”.


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