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Apple updater today… March 10, 2011

I need music. I spend a lot of time holed up in an office with IM with my peers as my main form of human interaction.

For a long time, I’ve relied on iTunes. Things have changed – I dont want to purchase through iTunes anymore – I don’t want DRM’d music. I’ve converted everything I have to mp3’s and it’s staying that way.

The biggest beef I have with Apple – is every time they push an update, it removes icons from quicklaunch and I have to re-create. It’s a monster download, and they always push quicktime into the bundle.

Today was the last straw – I did the latest “update” from apple – after installing it brings the updater app back to show you that things were updated.

Something was amiss, and I wish I took a screenshot: ‘updater’ icon was malformed looking. The gradient was low quality and there were pink/red/orange colors – almost as if an old game engine was rendering opacity colors incorrectly.

Fast forward a few hours – I notice “Windows action center” has a notification for windows defender wanting to send samples of those icons to microsoft, under the tune of “need more information”.

By now my head has a big red flashing strobe on it – I need to check my PC at home to see if this has happened; but that’s two strikes of suspicion for me, enough to be the last straw of Apple and my already-low trust in them.

Time to find a new music player.

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