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devbox:~$ iptables -A OUTPUT -j DROP

MySQL 5.5.12 – init script warning May 25, 2011

I’ve just reported a bug regarding the init script that comes in MySQL 5.5’s source distribution .

Basically, if you call the ‘start’ clause of the script twice it will hose the service by allowing multiple instances to run trying to utilize the same resources (pid file, socket and tcp port) – naturally this renders the service that -was- working fine to screech to a halt, mysqladmin shutdown won’t work.. The only way to fix this is to do something like this to get things to normal:

My solution to avoid this for the time being is to put this in the beginning of the ‘start’ case clause in the ‘mysql.server’ script that we’re copying to /etc/init.d:

I chose exit 0; because technically, it’s still a successful command.

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