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All of your PHP code is going to look silly! PHP 5.4, here we come! July 22, 2011

No, not as in 5.4 will make you write stupid code. As in it will make all pre-5.4 attempts to maximize re-use through crazy inheritance chains look ridiculous compared to what traits will deliver.

I already have a sense of dread of being a year into PHP traits looking at not-too-old code; how painful it will be to look back at what kind of crap we put up with!

This is going to be awesome, and I for one, welcome our new trait supporting overlords.


I recently had a discussion with a peer and we pretty much summarized what we wish the stance on types for PHP will become something like this:

PHP is a loosely typed language, as it matures in OOP, it must support more strict typing features (including generics: string, int, float, bool, etc). Emphasis on support, not enforce.

Those who want to leverage the dynamics of loosely typed programming can go for it, there’s a place for everyone here to do what they want.

It’s the hippy thing to do!

P.S.: Here’s a fun conjecture about the php.net domain name and a get-rich-quick scheme!

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