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Netflix is run by monkeys! August 4, 2011

An entertaining read for the HA operations for netflix – a good sense of humor and a very cool, hardcore philosophy for testing!


It’s nice to see Netflix stepping up their involvement in the technical community even more; with the Netflix prize and their blog and API feedback – I hope they become even more successful because of these investments.

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MySQL – max_allowed_packet – what is going on?

So there’s enough noise in the MySQL community about what’s covered well here (https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150236650815933)

Unfortuantely the bug is private for the time being; in my conversation with others, the general premise seems to be what good does max_allowed_packet really do? 

First off, I’d like to point out what seems to be what I hope is heading for deprecation – otherwise it just feels a bit sloppy; the default max_allowed_packet for the MySQL client is 1GB. (AKA: Maximum).

As the FB  post recognizes, there’s some ambiguity to how this setting is even enforced in the first place, especially when considering a master->slave configuration (Why does replication even have to follow that rule? Maybe replication clients can have a hard-coded packet to the maximum to get over this?)

I’d propose one of the two:

1. Enforce max_allowed_packet at the server – negotiate a loose communication with the client, where the client will obtain the server’s value and take it for it’s own.

2. Better yet, allow it to be set on a per user basis, following #1.

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