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On coining terms: Kiloreq, Megareq, Gigareq, Terareq August 9, 2011

I’m inventing these terms. You heard them here first!

Ok so the idea goes like this:
We use kilo(bit/byte, etc) as measurements of rate, and size – even weight (kinda).

I thought it’d be fun to come up with another terminology that’s right in line with the nature of these units of measurement geared toward server load: “R” for request – prexed accordingly: Kiloreq, Megareq, Gigareq, etc.

So for example, if you get 1000 requests a second, you can say “I get 1KR/sec”, if you have 500 request per second, instead of ‘500 rps’, use the standardized “KR” (Kiloreq) suffix: 0.5KR/sec

How many requests did foo Apache server handle this month?
About 3MR. 3 mega reqs. (3MR * 1000KR * 1000R = 3,000,000 requests).

Or how about for the year? (Assuming a flat rate of 300MR over 12 months)
3.6GR. Gigareqs!

Far fetched? Yes. But I plan on using them in my day-to-day language to try and make them stick :)

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