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Day of the Googmonster – from … a google blog… September 12, 2011

This is a must read for anyone who feels Google can do no evil, putting them on a pedestal.
If you embrace every little ‘tech’ knick knack they throw out to the world, or If you’re in the percentile with a who’s seeing Google turn into a cashgrabber like everyone else – you should read it!

It is by far the most concise rundown of why I have a love-hate relationship with Google. I’m not against a company making some coin; anyone who knows me knows I’m a reasonable capitalist, but I do -not- agree with the direction Google seems to keep poking at.

The pace of change from Google over the past year has been alarming. I’m not talking about the new pretty UI stuff – I’m talking about their business and technological tact.

Google business observations:

– Apps angine, dirt cheap – now expensive and complicated for saving money.
– Labs is being retired (I view this as a strong indicator of their new business stance).
– “Music beta” – seeing this first hand makes me wonder “what’s the catch” – it doesn’t feel like Google, it -WILL- change dramatically! (I predict this will either be pulled, or quickly move to a “paid” service – another ‘get em hooked’ tactic).
– More aggressive advertisement in every facet – especially GMail.
– Self driving cars. What don’t they want their fingers in?
– Drop of Android app inventor (Platform training / consultation anyone?)

The above things are all OK with me – they can do what they want with their company!

My problem lies in an old fashioned tactic used by the likes of Microsoft, Netscape, etc to round up users and get them stuck on an exclusive technology (ranging from mundane protocols to programs) – now it’s Google bringing Dart and the likes of WebP to the fray.

I don’t hate Google – a lot of engineering feats give them their credibility and “trust” from the masses – the world has benefited for sure! However, I trust them much less than I did 2+ years ago… and most certainly don’t think that there’s no strings attached to these attempts to re-invent (add to) old problems.

Maybe my contention for all of this is just a sign of being winded in “web development”… I’d rather setup key gen + git access on “dev”, or work on making MegaCli stomachable than tread water in the emotions of  browser and it’s dependent technology…

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