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Is there a hacking campaign against open source? September 26, 2011

Linux.com, kernel.org, mysql(twice this year), wordpress and php have all reported breaches of some sort this year. Is there some sort of campaign against these ‘high profile’ open source projects? It’s starting to feel like it, to me.

The more hands you get in the pot, the more nervous you should get as an administrator. System issues stem from more than password change frequency and difficulty – stale keys and giving access to folks that shouldn’t have access happens.

I also feel isolation or ‘separation of concerns’ is a tactic that is pushed aside in the name of maxing out a system, more often than not this stop gap would save a lot of trouble. Apache’s ability to mitigate concern from last year’s breaches is a good example of isolation, they had a fairly sophisticated break in and the repercussions weren’t as vocal as the ones from this year.

There doesn’t seem to be sufficient coverage of this MySQL hack right now – how sure are we this isn’t a sample set from a compromised browser as opposed to the site?

I hope there will be continued disclosure so everyone can learn something extra to safeguarding themselves.

While it doesn’t feel right to ream MySQL (at all, or at this point of the news) I have some initial thoughts I just can’t shake:

  1. If MySQL was ‘hacked’: Infiltrated earlier this year; you made no extra measures on a wider scope? really?
  2. Why the hell is your web/any cluster accessible without a VPN? It sounds like they’re selling shell access directly to the host/s..

 C’est la vie

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