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Why I won’t (can’t) adopt Google Chrome yet… January 10, 2012

Privacy aside, simply put: in my role, I do my fair share of design work, AJAX debugging, CSS, you name it –  I need tools at my fingertips to quickly do more than just rip apart the DOM of a page, these are my deal breaker extensions/capabilities that aren’t in chrome:


1. Web Developer Toolbar – Session toggle, disable/enable cache
Chrome has no way to turn on/off cache at the click of a button. The closest thing I have found is a to create an icon that has a switch in the launch parameters. Another biggie for me is to clear a specific set of session cookies for a domain instead of all of them. The chrome version of Web Developer Toolbar completely lacks these options.






 2. Selenium IDE
Only firefox has the Selenium IDE plugin; for those of us who perform automation or frequent checking on forms for SQL injection or other; there’s a few alternatives out there for chrome, but none as extensive as Selenium (you can also reuse the IDE tests for Selenium RC)




3. S3Fox (or equiv.)

4. View image info, without a darn plugin… (’nuff said; even IE has it!)

Google Chrome ISthe browser of the future;  it’s still not quite there yet for me…

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