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PHP’s APC – Don’t back yourself into a corner

We heavily rely on running multiple instances of code where I work. At any given time several of us have several copies/branches of the site code configured to run from various spots on our development server.A path we have gone down with APC's user variable caching is merely one of...
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MySQL – multibyte cheat sheet for conditionals

This is basically a short cheat sheet to launch some ideas for comparisons/matching with multibyte characters.Connection collation of utf8_unicode_ci and charset of utf8 - Table + data and server: [crayon-5c440ba96d889222185421/][crayon-5c440ba96d890065821004/][crayon-5c440ba96d893900895311/][crayon-5c440ba96d895386536289/]Check out the behavior of the following queries:[crayon-5c440ba96d897918474222/][crayon-5c440ba96d899893249156/]Other resources:MySQL's character sets and collations demystifiedMySQL charset documentationCharsets and joins (good gotcha to...
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