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Worthy of distribution: Google vs. Facebook – paid ads May 16, 2012

This is certainly no surprise to me; Not only is Facebook less economical from initial impressions, the performance is a dead giveaway.

Here’s a sweet and to the point rundown of how they bat heads.

If you had to pick one to dump money into, it should always be Google (for the time being); unless you’ve got a lot of cash to drop, then maybe a less-than-double-digit percentage of your online advertisement funds should go on Facebook.

(This is not to say Facebook, if leveraged right is an economical choice for customer relations!)

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NoSQL: stretttcch – pop! May 11, 2012

You know the noise you hear when something is stretched close to it’s breaking point, like a balloon? In the context of the NoSQL bandwagon bubble: here’s some of that noise.
A detailed account of jumping on a bandwagon with an immature scene of products.

Although admittedly I have my eye on MongoDB, I still can’t believe the utter lack of ACL control these “databases”/”document stores” have. Tisk!

Another factoid: Netflix uses NoSQL… and most of their data in it is Tomcat logs.

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Zend Studio + PHPUnit upgrade: A faster method

As a counterpart and refinement of my previous how-to, this update shows how to update the PHPUnit library faster than using the symlink method:

View in HD!

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Mercurial (hg) checkstyle hook, at last! May 7, 2012

As far as I can tell, there’s not much in the lane of check style hooks for Mercurial.

There’s a lot of hits for git and SVN, but not much for Mercurial.

Check it out in my ‘hg-checkstyle-hook‘ bitbucket repo.

I thought I’d share my (imperfect) rendition of a Mercurial checkstyle hook. It’s meant to be setup for a pretxnchangegroup event.

Basically it does this:

  • Find what files have changed from the beginning of the changegroup to the tip
  • Copy those files to a staging directory in /tmp
  • Run PHPCS ( PHP_CodeSniffer, a PHP checkstyle command) on those files specifically
  • Provide a report on any violations resulting in a non 0 exit code.
  • The script should be configurable for any checkstyle command, as long as it takes a space delimited list of files at the end of it’s arguments.
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MySQL 5.6 – InnoDB (innodb_file_per_table) and recovery May 1, 2012

All I can say is rejoice!.

There’s a lot of fluff out there that beat around the bush or contain a regurgitated process for recovery using the 5.6 LAB edition of MySQL.

So instead, here’s the info straight from the horses mouth: http://blogs.innodb.com/wp/2012/04/innodb-transportable-tablespaces/  . This will make a huge difference in the world of MySQL and InnoDB users.

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