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On MySQL: The latest, far-reaching password circumvention June 11, 2012

By now, everyone has, or will be hearing about this issue.

While it’s an extremely simple hack and covers (dare I say the majority) of MySQL installation version. Let’s not forget to finish reading the entire disclosure:

From the disclosure:

But practically it’s better than it looks – many MySQL/MariaDB builds are not affected by this bug.

Whether a particular build of MySQL or MariaDB is vulnerable, depends on
how and where it was built. A prerequisite is a memcmp() that can return
an arbitrary integer (outside of -128..127 range). To my knowledge gcc builtin memcmp is safe, BSD libc memcmp is safe. Linux glibc sse-optimized memcmp is not safe, but gcc usually uses the inlined builtin version.

As far as I know, official vendor MySQL and MariaDB binaries are not

Regardless, it’s a stupid simple test to see if you’re vulnerable or not so fire one up!

I just tested 5 gcc compiled hosts (mostly pre-5.5.23) and none of them were vulnerable. But regardless, maybe it’s time to re-compile ;)

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