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Migrating from Blogger (Google) to WordPress July 13, 2012

With the sketchy nature of Google, I’m starting to decrease as many dependencies as I can from them. Starting with my blog. A part of it is just a technical test to find out how hard it would be to wean off of the free service.

Overall, there’s few – if any alternatives to WordPress that will let you import your blog from Blogger with such success. There are a few caveats I feel are worth mentioning, however…

Your tags will become categories

This may be somewhat far from wanted behavior for you if you’re hell bent on having a link cloud, or are planning on using the categorization features of WordPress to fill in other blanks.

Your images will still be hosted on Blogger

This isn’t nearly as big a deal as it seems – because there’s is an awesome little plugin called ‘cache-images’ that will scan your content for linked images not hosted locally – pull them to WordPress and update the references in the posts – all at the mere click of a button.
Overall the migration was easy as pie, and the toughest decision I faced was what theme, widgets, etc to use.

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