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Atlassian Fisheye starter license and 10 commiter limit November 28, 2012

The problem with Atlassian Fisheye starter license:

I love using Atlassian Fisheye at work. It’s a very nice frill to have for a small team especially since it saves us time and adds a very easy, fast way to document the reviews and be open about feedback.

I have one gripe however; the 10 commiter limit (5 repos is bad enough). Our team has 4 developers – so we’re _technically_ 4 committers.

When we first started to use source control (Mercurial), our system setups would have inconsistencies in usernames: “Justin Rovang”, “RovangJu”, “rovangju” are all treated as unique usernames. Add to the fact that after we converted from HG to Git, all of the email addresses associated with those turned into <devnull@localhost> from the conversion script.

Git is sensitive to username AND email address for unique users. So our new set ups would be ‘Justin Rovang <justin.rovang@domain.com>’; but the history that was converted would have ‘Justin Rovang <devnull@localhost>’. So it’s easy to see how quickly even a small team could exceed that 10-commiter limit very fast in that circumstance.

Enter the .mailmap file:

So here’s the rundown, first you need to know what to map to what – so take an inventory of all of the incorrect/out-dated usernames that should point to a more modern/recent one; to do that I used this one-liner:

That provides an output like so:

I want to map those according to the page linked in the subtitle above; so here’s an example .mailmap entry:

You can verify the results by running the command above again (git log –format … etc); and you’ll see that the list has changed. This applies to -ALL- git log output, and therefore fixes the ’10 committers’ issue I was having with Atlassian Fisheye and Crucible.

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