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PHP 5.5 RC1 released – what I’m most excited for.. May 9, 2013

Where I work we have unfortunately had to skip the 5.4 release of PHP; the release cycle between PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5 was pretty darn fast and we never got around to replacing APC. We’ve finally got everything up to speed to adopt 5.5 when it hit’s stable release.

I figured I’d fill in some of the blank air by listing (even if a personal memo for myself) the things I find most exciting for the upcoming PHP 5.5 release.

In no particular order:

      • finally{} support (As in try-catch-finally)
      • HUGE myriad of new CURL support –¬† these intrigue me the most:
      • Array dereferencing
      • Built in opcode cache and optimizer (Zend optimizer plus) (This is a biggie since APC never saw light of day in PHP 5.4, I suspect many are in the same position as we are with APC…
      • array_column()

Observation, or a gripe/complaint/whatever:

I’m not quite sure about the password_hash ‘suite’ functionality – it’s not clear what’s finally made it in, I’d assume everything? People that don’t understand hashing and encryption are probably going to be confused a bit more than they were before unless this addition is advocated heavily in the documentation for counterparts (e.g.: the md5 documentation page).

I understand that trivializing the process is beneficial to avoid self inflicted damage, however I always get a tad annoyed when we see things labled as ‘STRONG ENCRYPTION’ since that term is a moving target; I long to see better implementations and standards recognition, e.g.: a FIPS level¬†.

Honorable mention

The generators addition  gets an honorable mention РI think it will take some time to trend and the scenarios for use case are probably fairly low to save time on writing your own iterators.


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  • Freddy says:


    I hope your life is great! I also hope you remember about me from those days rocking on IRC.

    My best wishes for you!


    • Freddy – sorry it took so long to reply; Of course I remember – #mandrake forever man!

      Hope all is well with you too – I saw you pinged me on linked in but I couldn’t find a way to add you to my network :(

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