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AngularJS modals: anything NOT angular-ui-bootstrap March 17, 2015

I have grown warmly toward the semantic ui offerings. However, when dealing with a fledgling framework that doesn’t have an active port for angularJS, some things can be frustrating since you sometimes┬áhave to re-implement boilerplate calls that are already bundled in with the angular-ui-bootstrap project.

One of the bigger pain in the butt areas is the modal dialog. Specifically, wrapping a non-angularjs variant to support controllers, etc. There is a (nearly) silver bullet for your woes, take a look at the pain free abstraction called ‘angular-modal-service’ github.com/dwmkerr/angular-modal-service

By simply adding this into your project you can get many levels of complexity for a modal dialog in WHATEVER FLAVOR YOU WANT. Take a look, it’s been a life saver for me!


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