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Laravel/Lumen vs Symfony/Silex a corporate perspective

YAPFC. Yet Another PHP Framework Comparison. I'm judging Silex and Lumen through their bigger brothers, Symfony 2 and Laravel 5. After doing some extensive research, re-evaluating the PHP framework atmosphere, two frameworks and their respective "mini-me" counterparts seem to rule the seas. In this post I'm simply sharing my opinion of Laravel and Symfony...
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Commando style: triage dashboard

If you're working on a foreign system, or one that doesn't have the bells and whistles that make you feel at home, sometimes you need to improvise tools on the spot by chaining together commands, etc. This little one-snip serves as a "dashboard" approach for quickly assessing consumption, [crayon-5c6dbebcada6f144505093/]   [crayon-5c6dbebcada76171154477/]  ...
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iptables list – a helpful ~/.bashrc alias

I grow tired of asking iptables to give me my line numbers for insert/deletes, and sometimes, I just want it to "cut to the chase" and give me numbers. Toss this into your ~/.bashrc for making life easier: [crayon-5c6dbebcade3e910976433/] then run [crayon-5c6dbebcade45768793229-i/]  to reload. Output sample: [crayon-5c6dbebcade47418650346/] Voila! Now you've got counters (helpful for debugging btw), numeric...
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