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Using _.intersection for deep many to many filter

Sometime you might find yourself needing a fast way to do a complex match on property from an array of objects under a property (confused?) Let's say I have a collection of objects as such: [crayon-5c6dbdc2ef08b207217454/] I want to have a fast way to get all items that are in group ID: 1...
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PHP Interface rant

This isn't my first rant about interfaces (which are finally receiving a due adjustment). I haven't tested it, but don't believe I've seen anything pertaining to interface inheritance, look at the following use case for example, which fails in current PHP 5.6: [crayon-5c6dbdc2ef465541966333/] There are some benefits to doing this, however as you...
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How to show us your company is immature.

I've seen 'Sentry' pop up a few times - it's a neat SaaS that ails the pains of logging and monitoring  for development level logging. It's pretty neat, has a spot for business for sure. Here's the problem and I touched base on this a while ago - your business WILL...
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