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Certbot on Amazon Linux without using Yum – Fix [Errno 2] No such file or directory May 18, 2019

So let’s say you’re running an aging version of Amazon Linux and don’t want to blow up your system by wedging in yum repos from distributions that aren’t quite in line with the CentOS derived Amazon Linux.
Instructions on the web call on users to use Fedora or RHEL yum repos for CentOS users; but on Amazon Linux, you’re kind of twice-removed.

So long-story short, here’s some fodder for those who want the benefits of LetsEncrypt without the fluff of a repo.

My instructions will be for Apache/HTTPD, but you’ll see the key linch-pin item below.

First, start by downloading Certbot by hand:

Second, back up your Apache HTTPD configuration:

Third, test certbot-auto and let it ‘bootstrap’ dependencies:
** An error is likely here**

Error from certbot – “creating virtual environment” gives an error: “No such file or directory”:
After running the command above – you may see this error after it installs the dependencies for certbot:

After some searching, I’ve found that this is really easy to solve!

To fix, upgrade pip and REMOVE virtualenv:

Now you’ll see that certbot works like a champ!

Once you’ve established a working test configuration with certbot – you should see a LetsEncrypt test certificate on your site, it’s time to run the real command without the --test flag.

certbot-auto --debug --apache

If all goes well, you’ll have a completely valid and proper SSL certificate for free via LetsEncrypt!

I won’t cover the automation aspect as there are already endless write-ups on how to do that.

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