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Worthy of Distribution: Angularjs patterns April 29, 2015

Feel like you’ve gotten ‘over the hump’ on getting AngularJS to do what you want? Check out the video below to help save yourself from being overly analytical for your project structuring and avoiding common pitfalls (and general javascript pitfalls) for moving on to the “next level” for AngularJS development.


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AngularJS modals: anything NOT angular-ui-bootstrap March 17, 2015

I have grown warmly toward the semantic ui offerings. However, when dealing with a fledgling framework that doesn’t have an active port for angularJS, some things can be frustrating since you sometimes have to re-implement boilerplate calls that are already bundled in with the angular-ui-bootstrap project.

One of the bigger pain in the butt areas is the modal dialog. Specifically, wrapping a non-angularjs variant to support controllers, etc. There is a (nearly) silver bullet for your woes, take a look at the pain free abstraction called ‘angular-modal-service’ github.com/dwmkerr/angular-modal-service

By simply adding this into your project you can get many levels of complexity for a modal dialog in WHATEVER FLAVOR YOU WANT. Take a look, it’s been a life saver for me!


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angular-ui-router – IE8 and nested states April 16, 2014

Just a quick tip, If you still have to maintain compatibility with IE8 (< AngularJS 1.3) – and you’re using angular-ui-router for nested views, the documentation for nesting states says you should use “<ui-view />” for your template for an abstract parent state:

Remember: Abstract states still need their own <ui-view/> for their children to plug into. So if you are using an abstract state just to prepend a url, set resolves/data, or run an onEnter/Exit function, then you’ll additionally need to set template: "<ui-view/>".


The problem is, IE8 doesn’t like “<ui-view />” – so instead, (I’d suggest this anyways), use:



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