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Atlassian Fisheye starter license and 10 commiter limit

The problem with Atlassian Fisheye starter license: I love using Atlassian Fisheye at work. It's a very nice frill to have for a small team especially since it saves us time and adds a very easy, fast way to document the reviews and be open about feedback. I have one gripe however;...
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GitHub hacked, and private repositories

And this is precisely why albeit 'nifty', storing your private/proprietary code in a 'private repository' on the likes of GitHub / Bitbucket is a generally poor idea. - Keeping your code in SCM behind closed doors isn't difficult. I find it very troublesome (annoying) to see how many people can't...
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The inherent risks of ‘daemonize’ features in developer tools – Git, Mercurial (hg)

A handful of tools such as mercurial, git, (soon PHP - which chances are will be it's own binary) have their own 'daemonize' functionality.Whatever your reasons - if you want to disable these; there's little to no help in figuring out how... til now...If you want to disable Mercurial's hg...
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