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Why are we spending so much time refuting? July 5, 2012

There’s a nice juicy war going on in the ‘data / web’ sector, that seems more heated than I can remember.

It essentially boils down to sensationalist claims from the likes of MongoDB and MemSQL, which in turn draw refuting remarks from industry professionals that are typically embedded with RDBMS technologies.

The typical responses to these new ‘hipster’ systems are usually transaction/consistency centric – as that’s where the RDBMS systems shine – they can perform wonderfully while being ACID compliant.

Or in the case of Node, refuting the ‘Apache doesn’t have concurrency, node is better’ arguments. I have a hunch 99% of the Node fanboys have a damn clue how capable Apache itself is.

There’s also things like Node.js that rub the seasoned people the wrong way, perhaps it’s the sensationalism without actually proving anything? (Check the first few comments) Or the utter lack of security focus? (That’s what bugs me) – I also think it has to do with their approach to enter the market: guns blazing, criticizing other solutions and hoisting their own as THE single option with more tenacity than appropriate for such an immature project. Guys in the trenches can’t stand that crap, we know it’s just another tool to get the/(‘a’) job done in a particular scenario.

But really, I think about how much time is wasted on these subjects going back and forth, so let’s stop wasting time. Be open minded to the new technologies as tools for a particular job and stop making all or nothing stories out of future tech, like it or not – we all have to share the same space.

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Worthy of distribution: Google vs. Facebook – paid ads May 16, 2012

This is certainly no surprise to me; Not only is Facebook less economical from initial impressions, the performance is a dead giveaway.

Here’s a sweet and to the point rundown of how they bat heads.

If you had to pick one to dump money into, it should always be Google (for the time being); unless you’ve got a lot of cash to drop, then maybe a less-than-double-digit percentage of your online advertisement funds should go on Facebook.

(This is not to say Facebook, if leveraged right is an economical choice for customer relations!)

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If you’re not off of Godaddy yet … December 23, 2011

You should be. The Godaddy girls are stupid. The commercials are worse. Bob Parsons is kinda creepy (not just the elephant thing). The ads are terrible. The site is terrible.

Do you need another excuse to move your registrar needs to another company such as Gandi or Namecheap?

You need another excuse? here it is.

You should know what SOPA  * is about between the lines. (Job growth? Puh-leese, the job growth from the .com boom didn’t need SOPA thank you very much!)

Over the last few months I’ve moved a dozen domains off of Godaddy on to others (client’s discretion).
If you’re still on the fence, there’s a pretty good run down of good alternative registrars on this blog post.

ICANN also has a full (but impersonal) list of accredited registrars as well.

PS: Namecheap has a coupon code for a little bit off “SOPASUCKS”.

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Browser wars: Feels old school March 3, 2011

Stepping back from your browser of choice; it just hit me how HTML5 has reignited the browser war, pushing innovation and making things feel old school again.

There’s nothing ‘old school’ about HTML5, or is there? Anyone remember the old dx filters in IE? rotate, flame text, etc – now it’s all about standards, but HTML will no longer have a ‘version’ number. To be frank, this scares me – I think it will end up harming innovation. Certain majority players see fit to implement what they want. Without a marketing slogan to drive for – I smell another recession of lame-duck browsers.

What IS old school is a familiar aura with each contender putting up an HTML5 demo page to show what it’s got (details start with this slashdot post.) to me this has a good, old-fashioned competitive feel that I think will decline like a hot rock once the initial “HTML5” support buzz has passed. I hope I’m wrong.

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Prediction: Google will buy LinkedIn August 5, 2010

I’m going to wager it’d be a sound business decision for Google to try and buy LinkedIn.

It’s a gut feeling – I have no concrete evidence; merely a hunch on some small cues.

Google’s foothold with business services still needs help, LinkedIn can provide a multitude of deductive ‘connections’ that they probably couldn’t formulate themselves (Due to a lack of a LinkedIn equivelent).

Google has been really ramping up on how serious they want to be taken as a service provider for businesses. They could really use something like this to give them a business community boost – and they’re not dumb enough to re-create the wheel.

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On coining terms, AKA: OCT March 12, 2010

Am I the only one who near refuses to accept the buzzphrases thrown around by marketers; I just found a new one today mentioned in a ZDNet article, called ‘APT‘ – ‘hip’ marketers drop these phrases to make it seem like they have some sort of new invention. Pisses me off.

Maybe it’s the fact, being in the industry, I feel compelled to know what all these damn acronyms mean. Granted, there are some that one should know; but is keeping on top of the non-ending twists of acronyms important to maintain stature in our industry. It is dizzying. You’d think the fact that engineers are sick of it all – they’d stop cropping up.

‘Spear phishing’, a mere form of phishing, really deserves a distinct title? Blegh.

I’m sick of feeling frustrated at myself for not knowing what these new terms are when they appear in articles.
Luckily it takes a mere second to remind myself that it’s the nature of the beast, but that little fire inside me never goes away.

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