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How to use PHPUnit installed by composer in PHPStorm

Ever wonder how to properly use those packages installed from the require-dev section of composer.json? Ideally you'd integrate them with your IDE, or perhaps set up your system path to access it via vendor\bin\phpunit - If you use PHPUnit, take a quick look at this on how to properly set up...
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Zend Studio + PHPUnit upgrade: A faster method

As a counterpart and refinement of my previous how-to, this update shows how to update the PHPUnit library faster than using the symlink method: View in HD!  Subscribe in a reader ...
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Upgrading to PHPUnit 3.5 on Zend Studio

Here's a quick clip I made to show those who hankering to have an updated PHPUnit plugin for Zend Studio.I hope this video is obsoleted soon so others don't have to endure the annoyance.View in HD! Subscribe in a reader...
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