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Zend Studio + PHPUnit upgrade: A faster method

As a counterpart and refinement of my previous how-to, this update shows how to update the PHPUnit library faster than using the symlink method: View in HD!  Subscribe in a reader ...
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ab – Apache Bench, understanding and getting tangible results.

Apache Bench (AB) is a very powerful tool when used right. I use it as a guideline for how to set up my apache2/httpd.conf files. All too often I see people boasting that they can get an outrageous number of RPS in AB (the Apace Bench tool). "OMG, I totally get 3,000...
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Worthy of distribution: PHPUnit’s dbunit testing rundown

This is by far the most complete and best example of a rundown of database testing using PHPUnit's "dbunit" extension. It seems it's difficult to track down a whole rundown on the more technical aspects of 'getting into it'.The Ultimate Guide to Database-Testing with PHPUnitAuthor: Benjamin Eberlei (kontakt@beberlei.de)http://www.beberlei.de/dbunit.html Subscribe in a...
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