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devbox:~$ iptables -A OUTPUT -j DROP

Zend Studio + PHPUnit upgrade: A faster method May 11, 2012

As a counterpart and refinement of my previous how-to, this update shows how to update the PHPUnit library faster than using the symlink method:

View in HD!

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Shortcut to a directory with a bat file and a sub directory containing the same name May 31, 2011

Check this out.
Make a directory structure like this:


Fill the .bat file with something creative… (Non destructive)

Now, make a shortcut from anywhere to Dir/AnotherDir – lemme guess, it tries to name the shortcut after the bat file? Odd! Rename it in the prompt then.

Save your shortcut and try to use it. Lemme guess, executed the bat file?

See below if you’re too lazy to try ;)

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Staying on top of things February 16, 2011

One of the things that’s crucial to my workflow where I work; is to know as soon as possible when changes are made to our mainline repositories. Same with tickets in our Trac ticket system, when it hits the pipes – I need to know.

I could setup a fancy hook for Mercurial to email, our source control system we use. But that doesn’t handle Trac and maybe the other oddball items I want to watch.

Having notifications emailed is nice, but I often find the chatter from unrelated emails annoying. I usually have my email off and check every hourish. This helps me focus.

What I’ve found is this: Trac, Mercurial (via hgweb), etc all have a form of RSS/Atom feed available. These feeds from our tools I have a hunch we often overlook.

Bring in feed notifier:

Pretty configurable – supports https:// with login – and the popup notifications are exactly what I need. Noticeable enough but not annoying like having to look to an email screen. (Sad thing is, I have 3 gorgeous 24″ dell monitors – all too busy to have a silly email client up.)

I think when I get some me time, I may put something together to watch these feeds – and use XMPP to notify a configurable list of users. That’d be a fun project with very cool results. But for now – this developer is happy with his RSS addon.

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Windows 7 Quicklaunch woes January 21, 2010

I gathered I’d help people save time on getting the old-style quicklaunch back:


The new one isn’t conducive to the workflow of many.

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Minimize -anything- to systray with ‘trayconizer’ July 20, 2009

A handy little utility I’ve been using for years, often I have the need to have programs running all the time while I work and I don’t want them eating up taskbar realestate, for programs that don’t natively support it look no more!

– This handy tool is easy to use and works like a charm.

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